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Banking and Finance

Customer oriented . Efficient . Compliant.

  • Automate data entry

  • Eliminate paper document shipping

  • Speed up customer service

  • Streamline and automate account opening, credit card application management and loan and mortgage processing.

  • Meet regulatory requirements

  • Protect your institution’s reputation

Document Driven Processes

Leverage enterprise capture for document driven processes.


Streamline document-driven processes with Enterprise Capture to attract new business, effectively answer existing client demands, improve customer service and address regulatory compliance.

Today’s competitive environment is driving financial institutions to look for innovative ways to attract new business and customers, more effectively serve existing clients, reduce costs, increase profit, prevent fraud and address regulatory compliance. One way to address this need is to operate with digital documents instead of traditional paper because

e-documents can be easy to search, access, manage and process.



Cost Reduction

Automate data entry, eliminate paper document shipping, and standardize processes for document capture, save costs on paper storage, including labour and real estate.

Better, Faster Customer Service

Capture documents at the point of entry, for example in bank branches, and speed up customer service using ABBYY solutions’ easy-to-use Web interface for scanning and verification.

Business Efficiency

Streamline and automate daily operations such as account opening, credit card application management and loan and mortgage processing.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet regulatory requirements, save money and protect the institution’s reputation by tracing data, completing full audits and detecting and preventing fraud.

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