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  • Enforce proper controls and policies

  • Trace audit trails and monitor compliance

  • Operate on the latest terms and conditions

  • Reduce “off-contract” spending

  • Reduce legal fees

  • Eliminate renewals of unwanted services

  • Improve forecasting

  • Have a more efficient contract life-cycle

  • Eliminate manual processes

  • Centralise your document repository

  • Allow access to the right people

Remeber contract deadlines?

Having to remember contract deadlines is over

Many organisations face the challenge of managing their often mission-critical contractual relationships with both customers and suppliers using a limited range of tools that are fundamentally time consuming. These important contract documents are frequently held in multiple formats and many different locations making the already complex tasks of negotiation, compliance and renewal even more difficult to perform

The Solution

EASY CONTRACT has the solution by providing a largely pre-configured software package that comprehensively addresses the complete contract life-cycle from creation to termination.

Web-enabled - there is immediate secure access to a central library of most commonly used terms and documents to assist with fast and accurate contract creation, from any location in both online and offline modes.

Simple to use - an email-style interface provides a robust approval process for any key stakeholders within the system to create a fully audited process flow. Even complex approval submissions can be saved to reduce the time for subsequent transactions to be amended and authorised.

Powerful search capability - Users can contracts using full-text and indexed content quickly, whilst a variety of virtual folder structures provides the business context, only allowing access permissions to approved users.

Automatic reminders - any key milestone events within the system and by email notification so that nothing critical is ever missed; securing cashflow and reducing contract risk. Complex payment series are also accommodated to allow full visibility of revenue liquidity to aid with planning, which is additionally enhanced using inbuilt reporting features to provide a detailed graphical view of contract value.

A unique feature of EASY CONTRACT is the ability to administer user permissions from within the web-client, without the need of an IT specialist. This includes user substitutions in the event of planned absences and role changes for the personnel responsible for key relationships, from one simple interface.

As EASY CONTRACT is part of a portfolio of business solutions from enterprise content management (ECM) suite there is considerable opportunity for integration with other legacy applications such as ERP or CRM systems for the widest variety of scenarios. Deployment is possible as an on-premise or Cloud based solution.

The solution
Tangible benefits

Tangible Benefits


The Benefits of a contract management solution present themselves in many areas of the business. They are easily quantified to establish compelling business cases in organisations where no contract management solution exists or where an Excel spreadsheet or Access database plugs the gaps. The issue with these approaches is not only that they are old-fashioned, but that they lack integration to other systems like ERP or CRM; they lack organisational access, distribution, and don’t offer an alerting capability when important contract conditions are not met.


Risk Reduction

Proper controls and policies enforced

Traceable audit trails and compliance monitoring

Operating on the latest terms and conditions


Financial Optimisation

Reduced “off-contract” spending

Reduced legal fees

Eliminated renewals of unwanted services

Improved forecasting


Productivity / Operational Effectiveness

More efficient contract life-cycle

Eliminated manual processes

Centralised document repository

Access to the right people


Ensuring the contractually correct amount of revenue is recognised as early as possible can substantially impact an organisation’s bottom line. The resulting ROI is typically many times the cost of implementing and operating a contract management solution. Projects are usually completed in a very short time

Take a look at the issues surrounding Contract Management that EASY Contract can address.

Issues - Video
Administration is simple

Administration is Simple

EASY Contract allows you to securely manage and store your contracts with audit-compliant archiving. The user interface can be customised and new features can be added at any time to meet your specific requirements.


Full-text searches

Extensive full-text search functions provide quick and easy access to all contract database content. Content is automatically captured and indexed (OCR) during upload into the contract software.


Audit-compliant archiving

In addition to all contract documents and other important files such as addenda, revised versions or notices, and cancellations are archived for compliance. The contract archive also flags different versions or contract statuses and creates a contract history in chronological order.


Customisable user access

EASY CONTRACT employs a sophisticated approach to authorisation and user access. Customisable to fit specific scenarios – from a very pragmatic approach to complex access control.


Multiple companies in one system

Storage of contracts in the contract archive can also take place based on organisational hierarchies and corporate structures. Allocation of contracts according to a company’s organisational structure is not just an effective storage strategy, it also enables a parallel authorisation structure to make access to all contracts in the contract database visible.


System scalability

EASY CONTRACT is completely scalable based on organisational size. You can expand contract administration by adding optional reporting or controlling extensions, LDAP integration, ERP integration or workflow control. You can even enhance these extensions with custom programming services. This concept offers nearly unlimited possibilities for flexible adaptation.


Data encryption

Storage of contracts and related documents is secure and takes place at the storage location of an organisation’s choice. All files are stored with 256-bit encryption (AES process) for effective protection against unauthorised access.


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