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  • Lower costs

  • Processes paper documents in the same way as digital documents

  • Unlimited users

  • Perfect integration in Microsoft Office

  • Automatic email recording directly from the email server

The future of data

The future of data management and distribution

The benefits of an intelligent document management solution are self-evident if you think, for instance, of the improved efficiency: documents are located, stored and distributed more quickly. What’s more, staff do not waste time or money on duplicating or sending round documents. Digitising avoids all these unnecessary steps and gives your staff more time to concentrate on the essentials. On top of this, document storage costs are reduced because a considerably smaller storage area is required.

What is less well-known, but nevertheless at least just as relevant, are factors such as better security control, or new options for monitoring use of documents. You decide at all times who can have access to which document. Then there is also the improvement in customer satisfaction, as a result of fast response times.


A further – and not insignificant – argument for our document management systems is compliance with statutory requirements, since we help your organisation to minimise the financial or legal risks which can be caused by lost, damaged or improperly used information.

Increase Productivity

FileDirector Electronic Content Management (ECM) shortens the time required to organise and handle documents within an enterprise enormously. This noticeably more productive and more efficient way of working reduces costs significantly.

In achieving this, FileDirector covers all the working stages that a document goes through in modern enterprises: from recording paper documents, or handling documents already in digital format, across search and retrieval to secure archiving of data – all functions are covered.


Moreover, FileDirector is not limited to a single location: multiple servers can work together in a network, enabling enterprises to gain the benefits of FileDirector even when operating on a global footing.

FileDirector shortens the time required to organise and handle documents within an enterprise enormously. This noticeably more productive and more efficient way of working reduces costs significantly.

Increase Productivity

Full Protection for your Data



This is hugely important in all document management solutions – which is why FileDirector manages and audits all access authorisations to documents, changes, access periods, automatic storage of documents and emails.

Define access rights for groups or individuals at various levels including department, type of document and document content.

User access to data and documents is controlled by the FileDirector server itself with no user having direct access to the databases or data store, limiting any changes to data or documents to occur within FileDirector so that they can be fully audited. The data store encryption module takes this a level further removing access to any data or image to even domain administrators, unless through the audited FileDirector client.

All activities are recorded to provide a full audit history of both the system, users and individual documents.

Site replication allows for data to be securely exchanged and or replicated between FileDirector servers to provide both branch distribution or to provide backup and redundancy capabilities.

Capture - The First Step



Capturing information is a very quick and easy process using FileDirector:

  • Scanning - in addition to having dedicated drivers designed for a large number of Canon and Plustek scanners, FileDirector is also compatible with both TWAIN and ISIS devices, giving it complete compatibility with all dedicated document scanners.

  • Microsoft Office integration allows documents to be directly captured by FileDirector without having to leave the Office application you are using.

  • Integration with Windows Explorer allows users to capture an even large variety of documents and data.

  • Emails can be captured either using the Office integration into Outlook or using the Mailstore module to capture emails directly at the exchange server (after virus scanners and spam filters have been applied).

  • Imports (both scheduled and manual) can allow documents from any source to be captured by FileDirector.

  • ImagePrinter gives users the ability to 'print' any document directly from their application to FileDirector, manually assigning metadata at that instant.

  • Virtual Network Printers (VNP) allows printing of any document from any software/solution directly into FileDirector with various metadata being automatically assigned based on predetermined rules.

Document Capture
Metadata Capture

Indexing Should Not be Difficult

Indexing (creating metadata) and sorting documents is handled either manually or automatically depending on the document, process and business requirement.


Manual Indexing

Users define metadata at the point of document capture by either manually typing information about the document or choosing entries from drop down lists.

Automatic data entry

At the point of scanning this can include automatic field actions and prefilling of data such as date and database look up fields.

Form Recognition

Using text OCR and barcode recognition to obtain metadata directly from a predefined document type (via a document template) FileDirector can capture data from many standard forms such as sales invoices, delivery notes and HR forms

Full text Recognition

Allowing for the full text of any document to be read and interrogated ensures valuable data is always retrievable from your system.

Database lookup

FileDirector can interrogate any ODBC compliant database to automatically propulate its own searchable databases with metadata relevant to the documents it holds allowing even greater search capabilities.

Find What You Need Quickly and Easily



Searching for documents could not be easier: using full text search, you can find words or even whole sentences in the document content or index fields.


A single double-click is all that is needed to display the document – even if the application used to create the document is not installed on your computer, as FileDirector supports a wide range of file formats.


It is easy to scroll through pages, to display miniature images of the pages as a preview, and to call up any previous version of something has been changed. It is also possible to open and view several documents simultaneously.

Searching & Display

Connect to Your Company

Integrating FileDirectors core functionality into other applications adds an additional layer of useability.


Codeless Connector allows you to link applications already used in your business to FileDirector, with absolutely no programming needed. The only requirement is for a link, which can be quickly created, between the application index fields and FileDirector.

FileDirector Link can be used to call up documents in FileDirector from a company-internal application or commands can be sent to FileDirector to display existing documents or scan new documents. Specifically-defined URL templates contain the precise index data each time to be used for the search or the scanning operation.

Web integration allows FileDirector to be integrated with your own website or intranet giving users, or particular customers, access to the respective documents. As a matter of course, the security settings for document access can be adapted to suit your own requirements.

SAP Integration allows seemless data access from SAP systems.

Your Mobile Office


FD iClient and FD Mobile (Android) are designed to work exclusively with the FileDirector Document Management Solution. The focus is to allow a FileDirector user to perform process management activities using an iPod touch®, iPhone® or iPad® or Android device with supported activites including Document viewing, Categorisation by document type, Workflow actions including acknowledgement, approval and rejection.

FileDirector Mobile
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