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Mailroom Automation

State-of-the-Art Classification for Maximum Efficiency


  • Increasing inbound communication arriving through all channels

  • Need for even faster reaction on queries in order to improve the customer experience

  • Competitive pressure to increase productivity, quality and transparency

  • Missing mandatory documents can be evaluated

  • Cost reduction by minimising manual work processes and physical storage

  • Meeting compliance standards and acting environmentally responsible

Organisations spend enormous time, resources and operational costs on manual pre-processing, sorting and distributing the ever-increasing amount of inbound communication arriving in mailrooms – either as paper documents, faxes or by e-mail. Manual document processing is not only slow and costly, it is also error-prone and lacks the ability to monitor and control the flow of customer communication throughout the organisation.

For large enterprises or Shared Services Centres (SSCs) with high volumes of customer communication or industry-specific peaks of inbound mail through the year, a fully automated input management solution integrated into their corporate systems and workflows has become a competitive advantage and an absolute must-have to meet the challenges of today’s businesses.


Our digital mailroom solution replaces time and cost consuming manual work for input-management by digitising, sorting and intelligently routing all incoming mail in one smart software application – no matter if it’s a paper document, fax or e-mail. Information arrives faster at the right case worker and helps to improve business productivity.

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Our Automated Mailroom solution helps large enterprises manage "information logistics" by delivering the right information to the right place at the right time. By streamlining the processing of all incoming customer communication in one system they can maximise business efficiency, improve customer responsiveness and speed up decision making cycles.

Organisations that wish to introduce or optimise existing case management systems will find a foundation to build upon in ABBYY’s mailroom solution: the precise classification of documents. By integrating document capture, classification and data extraction software into workflows for individual business cases, customer communication can be processed and responded to according to internal case scenarios and priority rules.

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CSG's automated mailroom solution delivers new and innovative functionalities for effectively processing all incoming customer communication in an organisation’s mailroom. It includes all basic data capture functionalities from the FlexiCapture platform enhanced with ABBYY’s next-level classification technology. Documents and e-mails arriving at mailrooms are processed in 6 steps :

Digitisation of multi-channel input in one single system

The key to success of a mailroom automation solution is its ability to capture high volumes of documents arriving at various input channels in one single system:

  • Paper mail and faxes are scanned to images on enterprise scanners or multi-function printers (MFP).

  • Electronic faxes and e-mails arriving at central mailboxes are fed into the solution – including their attachments.

  • The solution automatically grabs customer communication arriving via web platforms and information sent via mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.

Visual Classification

A visual classification logic will then analyse form and structure of each document and automatically decide, if a document is to be classed as contract, letter, invoice, delivery note or a customer questionnaire etc. The visual pre-sorting of documents will speed-up text recognition and data extraction in the next steps.

Content Classification

  • Not every document can be clearly identified on pure visual characteristics, especially if it has either a very generic or very exceptional page structure and form. An e-mail body does usually not have a fixed structure nor has a standard paper-printed letter. They could include a customer complaint or a notification of the client’s address change in continuous text – or even both. The automated allocation of such communication to the relevant business case requires a ‘content classification’ by analysing text and identifying predefined and statistically trained key words/phrases.

  • While reading the content of an e-mail or its attached Microsoft Office document seems a solvable task for a software, the “unlocking” of text trapped in a PDF image from a scanned paper document can only be performed by reliable and complex optical character recognition (OCR) technology including language recognition and semantic analysis logics.


Data Extraction

Performing further text recognition processes and taking into account crucial document fields identified in step 2, and the information from the content classification, the solution now automatically extracts all relevant data from the documents such as invoice number, check boxes on questionnaires and customer data on forms.

Possibility for Validation

For cases where the extracted data is unclear or was defined as needing additional validation and approval before posting into data bases and backend systems (e.g. invoice sums over a certain amount), the solution offers an intuitive validation interface. It highlights document fields that require special attention by personnel. Refining and adjusting extracted information becomes a simple and fast click-through process.

Automated processing of standard cases and routing of information

  • Based on the classification results and defined case-management workflows each customer query and document is automatically routed to its corresponding business process or unit for further processing

  • Thanks to its neat integration with other enterprise systems, ABBYY FlexiCapture for Mailrooms will automatically send all extracted data such as sender information, customer number or content of form fields to the corresponding enterprise systems.

  • Standard cases can even be processed completely unattended. The address change of a customer is directly send into the CRM system, or a job applicant receives an automated confirmation e-mail.

Our automated digital mailroom solution was developed to meet the specific needs of today’s customer oriented organisations. Best practice scenarios and a profound understanding of the mailroom business processes in modern companies have shaped a feature set to meet today’s business challenges such as cost savings, higher productivity, increased customer responsiveness and compliance.

For further information on the technical features of our automated mailroom solution please visit the product page ›


Reduced Costs and Quick ROI

Reducing manual work to a minimum will directly result in lower operational costs and fewer errors. In addition, the solution helps significantly to save storage, archiving and transportation costs.

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Increased Productivity and Efficient Workflows

CSG’s mailroom automation solution will substantially improve workflows and business processes and increase case management efficiency. Valuable time involved in manual retyping or circulation of paper documents will be released to revenue generating tasks. The implementation of mailroom automation solutions can even uncover redundant or unproductive workflow steps.

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Quicker Reaction Times and Decision-Making Process

By digitising documents right at the point of engagement and automating mailroom processes, customer inquiries become instantly available to anyone across the enterprise. This shortens decision making cycles significantly. Documents can be processed according to their priority and even simultaneously in different departments or offices to facilitate multi-case-workflows.

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Improved Customer Satisfaction

Recent technical developments have shifted the expectations of consumers towards quicker reaction times to their queries. Only fully automated mailroom processes can improve the responsiveness to customer needs, resulting in a higher service quality.

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Better Compliance though Maximum Transparency and Monitoring

CSG’s mailroom automation solution helps businesses to control the flow of incoming information in an easy and efficient manner. Documents can be traced at any time during the process. Best practise workflows for document handling, such as for processing e-invoices or archiving signed contracts, support enterprises to meet the latest compliance standards.

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Benefits of mailroom automation
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