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A3 Production Scanner

Scanning Speed:

ADF Capacity:

Duplex Scanning:

Colour Scanning:

110 ppm

500 pages



The fi-7800 is designed with operator usability as its first priority. It provides high quality technology for reliable scanning, a user-friendly design inherited from our high-end scanners.

  • Scanning speeds of 110 ppm/280 ipm (A4 landscape, colour, 200/300 dpi)

  • Capable of scanning up to as many as 100,000 sheets a day

  • Automatic Separation Control function and Skew Reducer to ensure stable feeding

  • Paper Protect function to prevent documents from being damaged

  • Stacking Control function and Elevator Stacker for easy paper collection from the stacker

  • Manual Feed Mode to scan various types of documents

  • Low profile design with operation panel and LCD for comfortable scanning

  • Cleaning Mode for easy maintenance

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