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Kodak Alaris




A3 Production Scanner

Scanning Speed:

ADF Capacity:

Duplex Scanning:

Colour Scanning:

210 ppm

750 pages



The i5850 Scanner with greater capability and versatility to help meet demanding business goals.

  • Image addressing to read patch codes, Intelligent Document Protection (IDP) to safeguard valuable documents, and a rear post-scan printer.
    A customisable, intelligent, ergonomically correct production scanner, the i5850 features KODAK Dynamic Flow Technology.

  • 600 dpi, high-integrity scanning greatly enhances OCR/IDR and validation through higher-density data capture

  • Image addressing permits reading of patch codes so sequential number can be applied to each document scanned and each batch accurately tracked

  • Intelligent Document Protection "hears" issues before they become jams or misfeeds

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