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Canon launches new desktop cheque scanners

Canon, world leader in imaging solutions, has today added three new cheque scanners to its successful imageFORMULA range, the imageFORMULA CR-150, imageFORMULA CR-120 and imageFORMULA CR-120 UV. Building on the success of the popular imageFORMULA CR-190i and imageFORMULA CR-135i series, Canon’s latest devices combine a compact design with high speed, precision scanning.

Maximum accuracy and speed Designed to improve workplace efficiency and sit comfortably on desktops in banks, retail outlets and other financial institutions, the imageFORMULA CR-150 and imageFORMULA CR-120 series are capable of accurately scanning up to 12,000 cheques per day, with up to 150 or 120 cheques processed per minute respectively.

A large 150-sheet feeder and 200 sheet eject pocket helps users to reduce the time they spend on loading and unloading cheques, while the robust automatic feeding mechanism ensures reliable cheque separation. The new devices recognise magnetic ink characters using Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) head and powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) zonal processing. Both results from the MICR and OCR can then be processed to create a unique algorithm to cross-check characters for improved accuracy.

Canon’s imageFORMULA CR-120 UV adds an additional layer of security to the scanning process, using built-in ultraviolet sensors to detect fraudulent information and process both a regular and a UV image of the cheque simultaneously.

Intelligent scanning The sleek, compact devices incorporate a number of impressive image processing tools, including Fine Text Filtering technology, which significantly reduces unwanted noise from patterned document backgrounds and images to ensure a sharp, clean output every time. Also allowing for quick and easy identity proofing and verification, the latest devices come equipped with a dedicated ID card feeder and colour imaging sensor, and users even have the option to add a magnetic swipe reader to capture information in the magnetic strip of bank cards. This innovative technology makes the device perfect for a broad range of financial institutions and retailers.

Effortless imprinting Users can rely on the built-in imprinter to provide reliable, customised scanning, without compromising on speed. Allowing for up to five lines of 60-character text, as well as high quality bitmap images, the imageFORMULA CR-150 and CR-120 series enable easy endorsement in a single pass.

Tim Brosnihan, Product Marketing Manager at Canon Europe comments: “Canon’s latest imageFORMULA cheque scanners are compactly designed to maximise desktop space, without compromising on speed, reliability or security. Their enhanced productivity and usability features meet the needs of financial institutions requiring a high quality and efficient cheque imaging solution.”

Easily integrated with existing systems, the imageFORMULA CR-150 and CR-120 series include Canon Scanning Utility software, Canon ISIS/TWAIN driver and the Ranger Transport API driver. For system integrators and developers there is also a Software Development Kit (SDK) available.


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